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SUSCC online course recognized


Quality in Online
Learning Matters at South-
ern Union State Commu-
nity College
Southern Union State
Community College’s
Online English Composi-
tion I Course (English
101) recently received
the nationally recognized
Quality Matters Certifica

tion Mark for meeting
course design standards in
an Official Quality Matters
peer review.
Quality Matters (QM),
a nationally recognized,
faculty-centered, peer
review process that certi-
fies the quality of online
courses, has recognized
Southern Union English
Faculty members Em-
ily Laseter and Casey
Van Horn’s commitment
to quality assurance for
designing the English
Composition I course that
meets Quality Matters
standards. Quality Matters
has developed a widely
respected set of standards
for the design of effective
online courses and a rigor-
ous, faculty peer review
process for applying
these standards to exist-
ing courses. Through this
process, reviewers provide
instructors and instruc-
tional design teams with
insight and recommenda-
tions that increase learner
engagement, retention and
satisfaction, and, ultimate-
ly, learner achievement.“This initiative is part
of an ongoing commit-
ment to providing our
students the best possible
educational experience.
Earning this designa-
tion helps ensure that our
students will receive a
superior online learning
experience,” commented
Dr. Linda North, dean of
academics at SUSCC.
North added that the
college is seeking certi-
fication for other online
courses as well.