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Suspect uses hammer to injure neighbor


On September 2nd at
approximately 6:20 A.M.,
officers of the Valley
Police Department were
called to a residence in the
1400 block of 27th Street
in reference to a burglary
and assault.
On arrival officers
met with the 24 year old
victim who was bleeding
from several head wounds.
She told them that she
had been attacked by her
neighbor. The victim was
taken to EAMC-Lanier
hospital where she was
interviewed by Valley
Detectives. Patrol officers’
made contact with the suspect
at his residence in the
1400 block of 27th Street
and he was detained.
The victim told detectives
that she had been
asleep in bed when she
was wakened by a sharp
pain in her head. When
she opened her eyes she
saw her neighbor standing
over her holding a
hammer and groping her.
She was able to take the
hammer away from him
and they began to fight
through-out the apartment.
She was able to escape to
another neighbor’s home
where police were called.
The victim was later transferred
to a Columbus hospital
due to her injuries.
At that point the suspect,
Corderell Deonrea
St. George (29 years old
of Valley) was arrested
and charged with Burglary
1st, Attempted Rape 1st,
Sexual Abuse 1st, and
Assault 1st. St. George
was brought to the Valley
Police Department where
he was processed and then
taken to the Chambers
County Detention Facility
pending a bond hearing