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Teacher transforms classroom in to ICU


Shernika Thread-
gill, Eastside Elemen-
tary School second
teacher really impressed
Lafayette community and
Facebook friends last
week with her creativity, as
she shared her class activ-
ity for the day on social
Mrs. Threadgill
transformed her entire
classroom into EES
Memorial Hospital ICU,
Intensive Contraction Unit.
The kids and Mrs.
Threadgill was dressed and
prepped for surgery. The
classroom was so close to
a surgery unit with blood,
lab coats, gloves, band-aids
stethoscopes, etc and to
top it off she even had the
monitors working and the
beeping sound of the moni-
tors going off really closed
out the surgery procedure.
Mrs. Threadgill
on Facebook “Our most
engaging activity of the
year so far… ICU, Inten-
sive Contraction Unit!
kiddos were contraction
surgeons today and did an
amazing job! They were
really surprised to see our
classroom “transformed”
into a hospital just for
them. Our classroom
doctors were responsible
for operating on words to
make contractions. I hope
this lesson helped them
to remember that contrac-
tions have apostrophes that
take the place of a letter or
two to make a shortened
form of the two words.
My school babies really
enjoyed this activity.”
Mrs. Threadgill stated
she just love bringing
learning to LIFE and trying
to get the skills to stick
with the students!
And we must say she
scored high on this one