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“The Outsiders” brings emotion to audience


The play “The Outsid-
ers” was brought to life
this weekend at New
Horizon Theater in West
Point Georgia. The Out-
siders is a coming-of-age
novel by S. E. Hinton,
first published in 1967 by
Viking Press. The story
line of the play was about
peer pressure, rebellion
and life consciences. The
plot centered on two rival
groups of teens, the lower-
class “outsiders called the
greasers” and the upper
class, “popular kids called
Socs, (short for Socials).”
The play was directed
by Keith Mc Dow. Mc
Dow has been in theater
for many years but this
was his first time directing
a play. Mc Dow said that
the cast worked hard to
bring this classic coming-
of-age tale to life on stage.
The story lit up the
NHCT stage with fights,
romance, heroism and
drama, all portrayed by
a cast of local adult and
teen actors. The audience
was moved by the emotion
shown between the three
brothers who had lost their
parents. The fight scenes
had everyone on the edge
of their seats.
One audience member
commented, “I did not
expect to get so emotion-
ally connected to the play,
but I found myself in
tears several times. New
Horizon Theater offers an
arts program for our com-
munity that truly blesses
not only the actors but the
audience alike. ”
The next production at
New Horizon Theater will
be the “Adams Family the