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The Predictions Are Not Good

The Predictions Are Not Good


CNN News (now jokingly referred to as The Clinton News Network) recently did a story that was very upsetting to hear.
Once upon a time, CNN was the news authority on TV, but over the years, they have lost nearly all creditability. Let’s hope this story turns out NOT to be true. Here’s what they said……

Paul Richardson
“Anyone hoping the recent Paris terrorists attacks will serve as a wakeup call to the world and bring about a quick and decisive defeat of the bad guys should take a deep breath and look again.

While the Paris attacks did serve as a rallying point, we should have no illusions of a quick and every lasting victory.

This current ‘War on terror’ will likely go on for another 100 years. It’s driven by a global jihad of radical and extremist Muslims who draw on actual and perversions of Islamic texts to kill Muslims and non-Muslims alike in an effort to impose their twisted vision of the world. We need to delegitimize the radicals and also be careful with our words so that we don’t alienate the vast majority of the world’s Muslims who despise what a minority does in its name.

In the meantime, Washington seems to still be under the impression that the global jihad cannot destroy Europe, America, Western civilization or fundamentally alter the contours of history.”

This article is surely right about some things. I just hope the part about “100 years” is wrong. But as I have said many times before, you and I will never live to see the end to the current conflict.

Global jihad is driven by a vicious, fascist ideology that can cause terrible suffering and destruction. And should these groups gain access to chemical or biological weapons, we’d face a worldwide catastrophe.

And here is an interesting footnote o the CNN story, according to The Council on Foreign Relations.

“In 2015, there were 508,000 violent deaths worldwide. Of that number, 32,727 were terrorist related. 63%of that number occurred in just six countries, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Nigeria and Syria.”

And just as CNN reported, The Council on Foreign Relations agreed that it will be a long and viscous struggle. “This isn’t yet a World War II-level scourge, even though the challenge of global jihad may well be the most critical national security challenge we face today. But, sadly, unlike the Second World War, this conflict will be far longer. We need to prepare for what promises to be the long war of the 21st century.”

Let’s hope our (unarmed) grandchildren don’t end up fighting hand to hand in the streets with rocks and sticks, while the bad guys still have sophisticated, automatic weapons. And after America is overrun like Syria, where will we flee to for sanctuary.

On another item of interest, The Pew Research Center sampled 1,501 adults between April 5th to the 11th. Only 20 percent of those polled said they trust the government to do what is right “always” or “most of the time.” A whopping 68 percent admitted that they only trusted the government “some of the time.” The other 11 percent said they have no trust in the government to do what is right.

The polls also indicate that 55 percent of those interviewed say they are frustrated with the federal government, with another 22 percent acknowledging they are angry at the government.

Only 19 percent of people responding said they were content.

Think about that for a moment. If these poll numbers represent views around the nation that would mean less than 1/3 of the people in the United States can confidently say they trust the federal government. The very institution that is “supposed” to protect the life, liberty, and happiness of the people cannot be trusted by more than half the people living involuntarily under its rule.