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Tiger’s Return Uplifting To Many Of Us


I’ve always been capti-
vated by stories of athletes
overcoming personal
tragedies. Baseball’s Lou
Gehrig, returning to a
hero’s welcome to Yankee
Stadium after battling
the disease that fittingly
was named after him-
Lou Gehrig’s Disease, in
the late 1920’s certainly
pulled at everyone’s heart
More recently great
athletes like Serena and
Venus Williams overcame
the murder of their sister
to turn the tennis world
upside down and Dale
Earnhardt Jr. when on to
one of NASCAR’s great

est after his father died in
a tragic accident on the
race track.
Those stories, however,
pale compared to what
many in the golf world
consider one of the great

est comeback stories ever-
that being Tiger Woods.
For those that don’t
know Woods won the
Tour Championship in At-
lanta last Sunday, culmi-
nating year’s of struggle
to become relevant in golf
again. It was a historic
scene. Thousands of spec-
tators rushed to the 18th
green to see history being
made. On television, it
could only be described
as a human mass as far
as one could see. I can’t
believe there was a single
soul on that course or
watching on the television
who wasn’t rooting for
Tiger. An after sinking the
final putt, tears welling up
on his face, there was Ti-ger hugging everyone he
could get his arms around
Tiger was on top of
the world a decade ago.
He was on track to win
the most tournaments and
most majors of any golfer
in history. He single

handedly had made golf
enormously popular, as
children of all ages and
colors began taking up
the sport in an effort to
emulate their hero. There
wasn’t a company that
didn’t seek Tiger’s en

dorsement. He was named
one of the most popular
people in the world.
Then came the
struggles. In November
of 2009 he smashed his
Mercedes into a tree. He
was widely rumored to
be inebriated and suppos-
edly his wife smashed
his driver’s window to
free him and get him to
safety. A month later he
admitted to an affair with
a cocktail waitress. Then
word spread there were
more affairs. He checked
in to a sex addiction clinic
in December.
In 2010, many of his
longtime sponsors includ

ing Gatorade dropped
him. His wife began
divorce proceedings.
In 2012 he had to with-
draw from a tournament
because he injured his
Achilles tendon.
Then came the back
issues. In 2014 he had the
first of four back opera

tions. The final operation
in 2017-back fusion sur-
gery, appeared to finally
have ended the constant back spasms. But then
there was more trouble. He
was arrested for a DUI in
May at 3 a.m. about a mile
from his Jupiter, Florida
restaurant. Tiger claimed
it was due to painkillers he
had been prescribed for his
back. Police didn’t agree
or disagree.
In 2018 he returned to
the links. At the begin

ning of the PGA season
he wasn’t competitive,
but in the last couple of
months his game has made
an impressive turnaround,
much like his personal life.
It culminated last Sunday
with the victory in Atlanta.
Admittedly I am a ter-
rible golfer. I couldn’t hit
a green from 50 yards out
if I took 50 shots. But I
do love the sport and I do
love watching the game on
television. I owe that love
to Tiger, who captivated
me, much like Michael
Jordan, at a young age.
Like so many others, I
was rooting every step of
the way for Tiger to once
again be crowned cham

pion. None of us have
perfect lives. We all have
to overcome our personal
tragedies and demons.
It’s nice to see one of our
hero’s is back on track
with life and golf.