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Trump wins 56 percent of county vote


By Alton Mitchell

Every four years a unique pattern of events unfolds like clockwork. Those events include a leap year, the Olympics, and the United States Presidential Election. The final of those events unfolded last Tuesday and Donald J. Trump was elected as 45th President of the United States. Trump won the election by winning a vast majority of the national Electoral College vote to beat out rival Hillary Clinton in the election. The question is how did Chambers County and Alabama cast their vote in this year’s election.

Donald Trump won the state of Alabama with 63% of the vote going in his favor. The state of Alabama has traditionally been a red state aligning itself very closely with conservative values in elections. Hillary Clinton only received 35% of the vote in the state of Alabama. Candidate Gary Johnson picked up 2% of the vote in Alabama and Jill Stein only managed a margin of votes too small to calculate in the state by a percentage value.

Chambers County voters turned out and the majority of voters sided with President-elect Trump. Chambers County’s majority voted red. Chambers County voters were in line with much of the state as on thirteen of Alabama’s sixty seven counties voted with a democratic majority. The democrats held a strong hold through the middle of the state as a solid line of blue marked counties in the central part of the state from its west to east borders.

That line stretched from Russell and Barbour Counties in East Alabama to Sumter County on the Mississippi State line. Cities such as Montgomery, Phenix City, Tuskegee, and Selma outlined the areas of democratic voters in the state. The only county outside of the middle part of the state to vote democratic was Jefferson County which includes Alabama’s largest population center of Birmingham.

Uniquely the results of the 2016 election mimicked those very closely of the 2012 election where Mitt Romney won Chambers County and many of the same counties across the state voted the exact same way four years ago across party lines. Something unique is that Chambers County voters gave write in candidates a higher margins of votes than Independent candidate Dr. Jill Stein. In Chambers County write-in candidates earned 0.44% of the vote while Dr. Stein took 0.32% of votes. Republicans held the highest quantity of votes in the County.

In many elections across the state Republican’s won out including the United States Senate race in which Richard Shelby beat out challenger Ron Crumpton. In the House of Representatives race for District 3 Mike Rogers beat out Jesse Smith. And in District 6 for the House Gary Palmer beat out David Putman.

Many have argued that Electoral College does not speak well for voters and it is an outdated system in the Presidential election. In Alabama the majority of voters sided with Donald Trump where he won 1,306,925 votes and Hillary Clinton won 718,084 votes in Alabama. In Chambers County Donald Trump won 56.38% of the vote compared to Hillary’s Clinton who won 41.64% of the voters.


Donald J. Trump 7,803 56.38%
Hillary Clinton 5,763 41.64%
Gary Johnson 168 1.21%
Write-in Candidates 61 .44%
Dr. Jill Stein 44 .32%