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Tuesday is Primary Election Day


Crunch time is here as
various state and local candi-
dates are making their fi nal
campaign pitches ahead of
the June 5th primary election
in Alabama. This year’s elec-
tion is one that may show a
change in Alabama’s voting
trends after the election of
Doug Jones, a Democrat, in
the largely red stronghold of
One of this years top
watched elections in the
primary election will be the
race for the seat of Governor
of Alabama. There are nine
names that will be presented
on the primary ballot for
Alabama. Four Republican
candidates and fi ve Demo-
cratic candidates. Alabama
has typically been a red state.
The last time a democrat
served as Alabama’s Gov-
ernor was from 1999-2003
when Don Siegelman was
However, following last
years historic election of
Doug Jones democrats are
hopeful that Alabamians are
looking in a different direc-
tion in political representa-
tion. That has led to fi ve
democrats hoping to obtain
the Governor’s seat. Those
vying for the position on the
democratic ticket come from
a wide background ranging
from community activist to
minister, on to attorney’s and
former legislators.
Those democratic candi-
dates hoping to be Alabama’s
next Governor include; Sue
Bell Cobb, Christopher
Countryman, James Field,
Walt Maddox, and S. Doug-
las Smith. The Republican
ticket will hold names such
as Tommy Battle, Scott
Dawson, Bill Hightower,
and Kay Ivey. Ivey pres-
ently serves as Governor of
Alabama. Ivey took offi ce in
April of 2017 after former
Governor Robert J. Bentley
resigned due to a sex scandal
while in offi ce.
Aside from the Governors
race there will be other larger
state level elections held on
the primary ballot as well as
several local races. Those
races will include Lieutenant
Governor, State Representa-
tive for the 3rd Congressional
District, Secretary of State,
State Senator for District
13, State Representative for
District 38, Chief Justice of
the Supreme Court, Associate
Justice of the Supreme Court
Place 1, Associate Justice
of the Supreme Court place
4, Court of Civil Appeals
Judge Place 1, Court of Civil
Appeals Place 2, Court of
Criminal Appeals Place 1, 2,
3, State Treasurer, State Au-
ditor, Commissioner of Agri-
culture and Industries, Public
Service Commission Place
1 and 2, State School Board
District 2, Attorney General,
ad Chambers County Judge
of Probate. There will also be
two County Commission race
which will include seats of
District 4 and District 6.
The race for Alabama’s
Lt. Governor position will
be one that sticks to political
norms of Alabama. The only
candidate’s voters will see on
their primary ballot will be
Republican candidates. The
three Lt. Governor candidates
include Will Ainsworth,
Twinkle Andress Cavana-
ugh, and Rusty Glover. The
Attorney General race will
carry a little more political
diversity as four Republican
candidates will appear on
the primary ballot. Those
candidates include Chess
Bedsole, Troy King, Steve
Marshall, and Alice Martin.
Two democrats are seeking
the position they include
Chris Christie and Joseph Siegelman.
Alabama’s State Repre-
sentative seat for District 38
will also be a closely watched
race and holds a direct impact
on Chambers County. Three
Republican candidates will
be present on the ballot they
include; Bryan Murphy, Todd
Rauch, and Debbie Wood.
There are no democratic par-
ty candidates in the primary
election for this seat. Local
voters will also have to select
a State Senator for District
No. 13. This again will be a
Republican dominated race.
Randy Price, Mike Sparks,
and Tim Sprayberry will all
vie for the seat in the primary
Local elections will also
be a key part of the primary
election. Two County Com-
mission seats will appear on
the primary ballot. Those
elections include the seat
for District 5. District 5
candidates will include David
W. Eastridge and Johnny
Lee Yates. Nearby District
6 which is being vacated by
Debbie Wood who is running
for the District 38 State Rep-
resentative seat. Looking to
replace Wood on the County Commission will be Bobby
“Bo” Colley and Debra Riley.
The Chambers County
Probate Judge seat is also up
for grabs. Candidates seeking
to fi ll the Probate Judge seat
on the primary ballot will
be Cary Baldwin and Paul
Story for the Republican
ticket. Democratic candidates
include Brandy C. Easlick
and Susan K. Harmon.
Another County election to
watch in the primary will be
the seat for Chambers County
Coroner. Mike Cox and Jeff
Various other elections
are on the ballot for the June
5th Primary that Chambers
County voters will have to
decide on next week. The
primary election is held by
political parties to select
each named party’s nomi-
nee for the general election.
According to the Alabama
Secretary of State’s offi ce in
the primary election, separate
ballots are printed, and voters
must choose between the
ballot with Democrats or
Republicans running against
members of the same party.
If there are more than three
candidates running for a
seat in the race and no one
receives a majority of the
votes in the primary a second
primary or runoff election
will occur between only
those two candidates with the
highest number of votes. The
winner of the second election
becomes the party nominee.
Polls open at 7:00 a.m. on
June 5th and are open until
7:00 p.m. that same day.
If for some races a second
primary election is needed
then that will be held on July
2, 2018