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Turn the page to 1920’s LaFayette


Did you know that LaFayette used to have their own soda bottling company? It was in the 1920’s when there were no hard surfaces around the Courthouse just dirt roads. Mr. T.F. Ford owned a silent movie picture show theater “The Current LaFayette Sun Building” which was the only year round entertainment for the town.

Mr. Ford also owned the local Coca-Cola bottling franchise. On Saturday’s the town’s people could watch a western or a comedy. The admission was the return of two bottles or a humble fee.

On Saturday afternoons, sidewalks around the square were so crowded one could hardly squeeze through. Saturday Nights the stores stayed open until practically the last potential customer had left town, often as late as midnight.

Burton and Boyd’s store sold a nickel bag of “scrap” candy (really broken pieces) that was more than almost anyone could eat at one sitting.

History provided by Leonard Blanton