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Twin scholars awarded over $900K by colleges

Twin scholars awarded over $900K by colleges

LaFayette’s natives Akhya and Akhea Mitchell (Twins) receives over $900,000 in scholarships.
(Photo by Pamela Holloway)

By Pamela Holloway

In a world where good news is rarely heard, (especially when it comes to our younger generation) it’s a good thing to see young black teens making a positive impact on the world.

Let me introduce you to Akhya and Akhea Mitchell: they are twins and have accumulated over $900,000 in scholarship funds and were accepted into over 40 different colleges.

The twins are members of a program called She’s Dope and are thankful for the preparation it’s given them for this next chapter of their lives.

Akhya and Akhea Mitchell are originally from LaFayette, and are currently seniors at Troup High School in LaGrange, GA.

The twins attended day care at Rampey’s Day Care, Plainview Head Start and Pre k – Kindergarten at Eastside in LaFayette.

The twin’s mother Kalitha Mitchell is from LaFayette.

In speaking with Kalitha she states:
My husband Claude Reynolds and I (Kalitha Reynolds) are extremely proud of the outstanding job that the girls have done throughout their high school career.

We have instilled in the girls to put God first, always respect themselves and others, work hard in school, participate in every activity that interest them, and that they can accomplish any goal that they set for themselves.

We are proud to say we are straight out of LaFayette!

Speaking with Akhya Cantrell Mitchell ( Kya):
I never wanted to limit myself in my school selections, because I wanted to have the freedom of choice.

I wanted to be able to pick the school of my choice, not having to go by force.That’s the reason I applied to so many schools. Moreover, I was not expecting the money to roll in the way it did.
My parents, Mema, and Auntie would always tell us that we could impact the world in ways we don’t even know. I want to tell the young men and women coming up behind my sister and I, and even older adults, that it is possible. Start early, and don’t settle for less! Mediocracy is of someone who waits for something to be given to them. Don’t be that person, be a go getter! Don’t be afraid of rejection.

Just remember that delay is not denial! I plan to graduate from a university and receive my MBA degree. I’ll never forget my hometown, LaFayette, Alabama.
One of my main goals is to give back to my community, the same way my community gave to me as a child.

Akhea Sharell Mitchell states:
It is truly a blessing to have been offered so many scholarships. I have been taught to always be an over achiever and I know that the sky is the limit. I did not want to limit myself when applying to so many schools because I know that this next step in my life will only be the beginning to my journey to success.

My future goals are to graduate from a university with a MBA while pursuing my passion for being a public figure and a fashion stylist/ entrepreneur.