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Two county roads re-open after repairs


By Alton Mitchell

A drainage improvement project in Chambers County reached a point last week that allowed a local roadway to be re-opened to vehicle traffic, although a few touchups to the roadway are still ongoing it should not have an impact on vehicle traffic on the roads.

County crews closed County Road 281 and County Road 282 over the past few weeks for improvements to drainage pipes on the roadways. Chambers County Engineer Josh Harvill has stated that the roads are now re-opened to vehicle traffic as of last Thursday.

While the portion of construction work that impacted the roadway resulting in closure to vehicle traffic is complete, county officials note that there is still some work that needs to be done to improve the drainage along the roadway. That work is expected to be completed this week. Harvill states that the remaining portions of work does not carry any additional road closures with it.

While providing updates of the projects statuses Harvill noted that these projects are planned road closures by the county and they were not anything that caught county work crews off guard. Before the roadwork begins the roadways are inspected ahead of time. Harvill also provided an update on another upcoming improvement project along County Road 263 that should be starting shortly.

Harvill also provided an update on the status of pothole patching efforts in Chambers County. At last weeks meeting Harvill announced that the Highway Department had received reports of numerous potholes in the county and was working to patch those. Harvill noted that the efforts are a year-round endeavor by crews, but the season of the year plays a role in how potholes are patched.

During cool time periods crews work around the County patching potholes by hand. During warmer periods of the year the county has two one-man pothole patchers that work through the county. The patchers along with hand patching crews the efforts of pothole patching are tackled at a quicker pace.