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Two VHS students sick after consuming drink


Two students at Valley
High School in the city
of Valley were sickened
on Monday after con-
suming a beverage on
campus, that officials
suspect contained some
type of cough syrup
mixture that included
alcohol and prescription
drugs and sickened both
students. Officials with
the Chambers County
School District and the
Valley Police Department
are now looking into the
According to a state-
ment released from
Chambers County School
Superintendent, Dr. Kelli
Hodge, several students
at Valley High School
drank from a bottle which
contained an unknown
substance on Monday. Dr.
Hodge confirms in the
statement that the bottle
was brought to the school
by a student.
After consuming the
substance in the bottle
some of the students
became sickened. One of
the students was trans-
ported to a local hospital
by EMS and a second
student was taken to a
local hospital by family
members as a precaution.
The exact mixture in
the bottle has not been
confirmed although it
is suspected that the
substance was a mixture
of Kool-aid or a sports
type drink mixed with
cough syrup according
to the statement from Dr.
Hodge. Later it was de-
termined that alcohol and
a prescription drug were
part of the mixture.
According to the web-
site urbandictonary.com
the mixture is commonly
known in urban terms as
“Sizurp”. Urbandictonary.
com notes that the cough
syrup most often used
is a prescription grade
cough syrup that contains
a narcotic such as Hydro-
codone or Codeine and in
some instances prescrip-
tion grade narcotics are
added to the concoction
such as Vicodin.
Reports indicate that
the mixture has caught
on especially in the urban
music culture and New
Orleans hip hop artist, Lil
Wayne was hospitalized
after consuming a similar
type beverage in 2013.
The mixture is known to
cause serious side effects
that include slowed heart-
beat, shallow breathing,
blurred vision, agitation,
and hallucinations.
The student believed to
be responsible for bring-
ing the drink has been sus-
pended and faces expul-
sion and criminal charges
via Valley Police Depart-
ment. The four students
who drank the substance
have been suspended.
This afternoon an arrest
has been made and several
juvenile petitions have
been filed concerning the
incident at Valley High
School yesterday.
Valley High student
Armani Deshon Ransom,
18 of Valley, was ar-
rested and charged with
Unlawful Possession of
a Controlled Substance
(Class D Felony), Un-
lawful Distribution of
a Controlled Substance
(Class B Felony), Chemi-
cal Endangerment (Class
C Felony), and Minor in
Possession of Alcohol.
Ransom was arrested at
the school and transported
to the Chambers County
Detention Facility where
he was booked and will be
held pending bond.
Juvenile Petitions
were also signed on four
students for Minor in
Possession of Alcohol by
The investigation is
still ongoing and further
charges may be brought at
a later date.