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UFO secrets revealed


Paul Richardson
By Paul Richardson

(Information for this article was obtained from recently declassified CIA documents.)

As secrets come and go, the truth is usually revealed over time. So is the case with many early UFO sightings dating back to the 1950’s and 60s. The CIA has finally confessed, they were the culprit behind more than half of the UFO sightings in all of the 1950s and early “60s. (What about the other half….?)

The CIA report was part of documents recently declassified that also admitted for the first time, the existence of Area 51 in Nevada.

The top secret organization admits to testing the U-2 spy plane at an altitude of 60,000 feet when such heights seemed impossible to reach, leading observers, especially seasoned airline pilots, to suspect sightings were not anything earthly.

In the 1950s, commercial aircraft flew below 20,000 feet while military flights were limited to 40,000 feet. Consequently, once U-2s started flying at 60,000 feet, air-traffic controllers began receiving an increasing number of UFO reports from pilots.

So this clears up many early UFO reports. But what about the others?

It was 1967 when the public accidently learned of an even more sophisticated flying machine, one that went higher, faster, and further, the grand and glorious SR-71 Blackbird, designed to fly at 100,000 feet and twice the speed of the U-2. Reports claim an SR-71 could leave California at daylight, fly over Russia and China and be home for supper. (At 2600 mph, the SR-71 is one of the fastest planes ever flown.)

There are also confirmed reports of over 1000 Surface to Air missiles were fired at the speedy craft, most by Russia, but not one scored a hit.

But even the fleet of Blackbirds have now been retired, many believe they were replaced by something called “Aurora.” (Google Aurora and see what pops up)

But with the advent of the spy satellite, most manned plane missions are now unnecessary. Even the way war is fought has changed. We now have a host of deadly, unmanned options that lower our causality count while vastly upping the enemy’s fatality count.

First and foremost on this list are airborne and submersible drones. But who knows what else is lurking in the shadows?

We’ve already talked about the Army’s new long range, laser sighted, Infantry rifle, the MXT-135, the Navy’s new high intensity laser weapon, and the “Laws” which fires nothing more than a beam of light, but is deadly and inescapable.

And the recently revealed military space drone that no one knows the purpose of. It resembles a miniature space shuttle, no windows and too small to carry a pilot, but can stay aloft for years with an unknown cargo, and can land itself when needed.

As extraordinary as it seems, I have read about a small Arial drone that can be programmed to kill a certain target and be field launched by a soldier. It has the photograph of the intended target downloaded and searches for that one and only individual. Once found and identified, the drone assassinates the target.

I have only found one obscure reference to this weapon, nothing really credible. But in addition to war-time applications, just think of the real-time possibilities for something that smart, such as finding lost children, locating criminals on the run, finding lost hikers, even searching for someone lost at sea. What could possibly be next?

The only way we may ever know is to wait for the next batch of declassified CIA documents someday.

There is no doubt such technology is available. It would be nice to see it put to good use for a change.
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