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Unemployment dives again in Chambers


The job outlook in
Chambers County con-
tinues to have a bright
outlook according to data
released by the Alabama
Department of Labor. The agency shows that Cham-
bers County saw another
decline in unemployment
figures in the month of
September keeping it in
line with a pattern that
has developed through
most months of 2018.
The Department of
Labor is reporting a total
unemployment rate in
Chambers County of
3.9% in the month of
September. The 3.9%
estimate is down from
4.2% that was reported
in the month of August.
The numbers are further
represented in the number
of jobless claims filed in
the county last month.
The Department of La-
bor notes that Chambers
County had a total of 593
unemployed individuals
according to claims filed
for the month of Sep-
tember. In the month of
August, the department
shows that number was
reported at 639 claims.
Chambers County
was not the only location
locally to see a drop-in
unemployment figures.
Neighboring Lee County
saw its unemployment
rate fall to 3.6% from
3.9% in the month of
September. That figure
gave Lee County the
lowest estimated unem-
ployment rate in East
Randolph County lo-
cated north of Chambers
County had similar results
as nearby Tallapoosa
County. Both counties
saw an unemployment
rate of 3.9% in the month
of September. The two
counties also had reported
a rate of 4.3% in the
month of August.
Shelby County south of
Birmingham continued to
carry the title of the low-est unemployment rate in
Alabama at 2.8%. Wilcox
County located between
Montgomery and the Mis-
sissippi state line had the
states highest unemploy-
ment rate at 9.3%.
The state anticipates
that it will see lower
unemployment figures
through the end of the
year as holiday seasonal
hiring starts up with local
employers. Chambers
County has celebrated
dropping unemployment
rates through the most of
2018 with minor increas-
es being seen early in the
year and in early spring.