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Unemployment down in county


The temperatures
around LaFayette and
Chambers County
continue to rise, but on
a positive note unem-
ployment figures in the
area are on the decline.
Information released by
the Alabama Department
of Labor show that the
area is doing well as the
number of unemployed
individuals in the area
continues decline.
The Alabama Depart-
ment of Labor has report-
ed that Chambers County
saw an unemployment
rate of 4.2% in the month
of August. That num

ber is down from 4.6%
reported in the month of
July and very near the
statewide preliminary
average of 4.1%.
In August, Chambers
County saw an increase
of 73 jobs across the
board as the number of
unemployed individuals
in the county dropped
from 713 to 640. Cham

bers County has a total of
14,692 residents em

ployed from a total labor
force of 15,332. The lat

est estimates put Cham-
bers County at the same
point it was in August of
2017.Regional news was
also good as neighbor

ing Lee County its
unemployment rate fall
from 4.1% to 3.9% in
the month of August.
Unemployment estimates
in Randolph County re-
mained stagnant at 4.4%
in the months of July
and August. Tallapoosa
County to the northwest
saw the greatest regional
improvement as unem-
ployment figures dropped
from 4.7% to 4.3%.
Shelby County south
of Birmingham contin

ued to have the lowest
unemployment rate in
the state as it reported an
unemployment rate of
3.1%. The rate showed
no change in estimates
between July and August.
Wilcox County located
west of Montgomery
continued to remain at
the top of the states un-
employment index with
a reported rate of 10.1%. The figure was down
drastically from 11.2% in
the month of July.
The majority of
Alabama’s population
centers showed the
highest estimates for
unemployment numbers
in the month of August as
most were above the state
average. Birmingham, the
largest city in the state
crease as unemployment
numbers were reported
at 4.4% down from
4.6% the month before.
Mobile, the third largest
city in the state had the
highest unemployment
estimates at 5.3% which
was down from 5.8% in
Locally in east
Alabama, three cities
were reported in data
released by the Alabama
Department of Labor.
They included Auburn,
Opelika, and Phenix
City. Unemployment
figures in the three cities
were all down in July.
Phenix City in Russell
County led the pack with
an unemployment rate of
4.1% down from 4.3%
the month before. Both
Auburn and Opelika
reported a slightly higher
rate at 4.2%, but both
municipalities showed
decreases over the previ-
ous month.
Typical trends show
unemployment number
around Alabama and the
southeast decline as the
holiday season draws
near and seasonal hiring
picks up for retailers.
Those seasonal jobs
should drive unemploy-
ment numbers lower to
close out the year.
showed an unemploy-
ment rate of 4.8% which
was down from 5.3% in
July. Montgomery, the
states second largest city
showed a slight de