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Unemployment drops again


By Alton Mitchell

The job market in Chambers County appears to be moving in the right direction. As major projects such as the new LaFayette, Alabama solar plant sit on the horizon jobs are growing in the county. That growth has become evident as the local job market dropped to one of the lowest rates of the year and well below the state average in the month of April

According to data released by the Alabama Department of Labor unemployment in Chambers County fell to a rate of 3.9% for the month of April. That decline is a full point lower than the month before when Chambers County reported a rate of 4.9% for the month of March. The number is also an improvement over last April when unemployment numbers were reported at 5.0% in the county.

The numbers show that between March and April there were 155 fewer residents in Chambers County filing unemployment. The number of residents in April fell to 601 residents filing unemployment as opposed to 756 the month before. Overall there were 14,733 residents employed in the County in April. That number is up from 14,633 in the month of March.

Overall Chambers County is one of the better counties unemployment wise in the state of Alabama. The state is showing an average of 5.4% for unemployment in the month of April that is down from 5.8% the month before. The lowest unemployment numbers in April were reported in the Shelby County area where the unemployment rate is 3.3% for April. Wilcox County in western Alabama has the highest unemployment rate at 11.7% which is down from 13.3% in the month of March.