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Unemployment rate drops


By Alton Mitchell

The month of November has yielded positive job growth in Chambers County. After being hit with a jump in unemployment throughout the county in October significant growth in the month of November has led to a nearly half of a point gain in jobs in just a one month period. Data was released this past week from the Alabama Department of Labor to show the deduction in unemployment in Chambers County.

The unemployment rate in Chambers County has dropped to 5.0% in the month on November. That rate has put Chambers County well below the state average of 5.6% for the month of November.

The job growth in the County can be linked to a rise in the amount of jobs in the county to 14,486 up from 14,835 the previous month. In the month of October the unemployment rate sat at 5.5% for Chambers County.

The 5.0% rate in the month of November puts Chambers County towards the lower end of unemployed counties in the state. The lowest rate was Shelby County just south of Birmingham with a rate of 4.1%. The rate in Shelby County was 4.5% in the month of October. The highest numbers in the state were found in Wilcox County where the rate was 14.3%. The unemployment rate had risen from a rate of 13.7% the month before.

Regional neighbors of Chambers County were pretty closely related in November unemployment averages. Lee County had the lowest rate in the region with 4.7%. That was down from 5.1% the month before. Randolph County fell from 5.9% to 5.1% for the month of November. Tallapoosa also saw a reduction to 5.2% from 5.8% the month before.