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Unemployment rate rises in Chambers


The Alabama De-
partment of Labor has
released its preliminary
unemployment rates for
the month of June. The
data compiled by the De-
partment of Labor shows
Chambers County showed
an increase in the month
of June over unemploy-
ment rates seen in May.
The increase is the second
straight month the county
has seen an increase, but
the increase is not just
limited to the local labor
force, but has carried simi-
lar results across the state.
In the month of May,
Chambers County re-
ported an unemployment
rate of 3.8%. The Alabama
Department of Labor
reports that there were a
total of 584 individuals
in Chambers County in
May, whom were out of
the workforce and actively
seeking employment.
In the month of June
that figure has increased
to 752 local employees
out of work. Those 752
unemployed individu-
als represent 4.9% of the
labor force for Chambers
County. The 1.1% increase
seen in Chambers County
last month can not be at-
tributed to any one event,
such as a major plant clo-
sure or layoff by anyone
The increased un-
employment rates were
also seen in neighboring
counties. Lee County which includes the city
of Auburn and one of the
largest populations in east
Alabama saw its unem-
ployment rate rise to 4.7%
from 3.4% the previous
month. Lee County is
reporting 3,537 unemploy-
ment claims which is up
from 2,529 claims in the
month of May. Russell
County located south of
Lee County saw an un-
employment rate of 5.1%
which was up from 3.9%
in the month of May. Rus-
sell County has 1,228 indi-
viduals out of work, which
was up from 917 claims in
the month of May.
Tallapoosa County saw
the same unemployment
rate as Russell County
with 5.1% of the work-
force reported as being
out of work. The figures in
Tallapoosa County were
up form 4.0% in March. In
June there were 944 resi-
dents out of work in Tall-
apoosa County, which was
up from 716 the previous
month. Randolph County
located north of Chambers
County saw its unemploy-
ment rate rise upwards as
well to 5.0% from 3.8%
the month before.
Unemployment rates
were up across the state.
The lowest unemploy-
ment rate was reported in
Shelby County, located
south of Birmingham. The
county which traditionally
carries Alabama’s highest
income levels and lowest
unemployment level was
reported at 3.7% in the
month of June. That was
up a full 1% from 2.7% in
the month of May. Wilcox
County located west of
Montgomery tradition-
ally carries the highest
unemployment rate in
the state saw an increase
to double digits. Wilcox
County saw its unemploy-
ment rate rise to 11.4%
from 8.9% in the month
of May.
Alabama’s seasonally
adjusted unemployment
rate for the state rose
to 4.1% from 3.9% the
month before. Alabama
saw a total labor force of
2,187,730. There were a
total of 89,353 residents
out of work in the month
of June statewide. The
Alabama Department of
Labor reports despite the
rise in unemployment
figures in June the state
added more than 5,000
new jobs.