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Unemployment takes slight uptick in county


The Alabama Depart-
ment of Labor released its
October job and unem-
ployment report on last
week. The data show that
October showed little
change in unemployment
figures in most counties.
However, while some
counties remained stag-
nant some saw a slight in-
crease in unemployment
claims including here in
Chambers County.
According to the data
released from the Depart-
ment of Labor, Chambers
County unemployment
rose to a level of 3.9%.
That estimate is up from
3.8% in the month of
September. The Depart-
ment of Labor says there
were 8 more people
unemployed in Chambers
County in the month of
October than September.
The data shows October
held 600 unemployed
individuals in Chambers
County while September
held 592.
The Department of
Labor reports the state-
wide unemployment
rate at 3.8% without the
seasonal adjustment. The
number remains the same
statewide as the previous
month. Many neighbor-
ing counties to Chambers
County saw an increase in
their unemployment rates.
Tallapoosa, Randolph,
and Russell Counties all
reported increases. Lee
and Macon Counties saw
moderate decreases in the
month of October.
Statewide the lowest
unemployment figures
remained in Shelby
County, located south of
Birmingham. The county
saw its unemployment
rate remain the same in
both September and Octo-
ber at 2.8%. The highest
unemployment rate was
in Wilcox County, located
west of Montgomery.
Despite having the states
highest unemployment
rate Wilcox County saw
its unemployment figures
decrease from 9.2% in
September to 8.8% in
Local cities showed
unemployment rates at or
slightly below the state
average. Auburn in Lee
County had the best es-
timate. The city reported
an unemployment rate of 3.4%, well below the
statewide average. Ope-
lika and Phenix City were
in line with the statewide
averages at 3.8% in both
Alabama’s larger
population centers showed
above average unemploy-
ment rates. Birmingham
reported and unemploy-
ment rate of 4.5%. Mobile
reported its unemploy-
ment rate at 4.8% and
Montgomery reported and
unemployment rate of
4.0%. Huntsville was Ala-
bama’s only large city that
was below the state aver-
age. Huntsville reported
an unemployment rate of
3.6% in October.