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Vacant buildings filling up with new businesses

Vacant buildings filling up with new businesses


Sunoco gas station

By Pamela Holloway

LaFayette has had its share of small businesses that have been very successful for a little city with a population under 3000.
And the City has had its share of businesses that didn’t get much support and had to close down, or decided to take their business elsewhere.

But it still hasn’t stopped new business owners from trying to BUILD UP The City of LaFayette.

In speaking with different business owners, they all seem to have the same AGENDA and that’s to BUILD UP THE CITY OF LAFAYETTE.
Most owners stated…We just want a City where the people can just come into town and get whatever they need, instead of going out of the City and to see the beautiful historical buildings coming back to life is a plus.

The downtown Southeast side of LaFayette is on its way to becoming completely full with local and new businesses.

The new Downtown Pizzeria just opened this past weekend. Next door is the Superior Tax office, excitedly waiting on 2 more new businesses that are secretly working at night to get up and running. Beyond these upcoming businesses is the gym and tanning facility that has been open for nearly five years now.

A Selfie For Your Thrift store

As you look around the City…It’s really BUILDING UP… Across from the courthouse is the year old ” A Selfie For your Thrift store and two more new businesses on the same side coming soon: Top’s Built which is a furniture store and Courthouse Yarnier, a yarn store.

Work also continues on the old Dairy Dee which is expected to open soon.

The newly remodeled food store and gas station as downtown will be opening back up real soon according to the new owner. But, now the facelift has been upgraded to a Pacecar Express Gas Station. Kiddie corner from the gas station, will be the new city hall. Remodeling has already started on the vacant McLendon building.

On Highway 50 across from ALFA Insurance the remodeled Sunoco Gas station that’s looking all bright and beautiful is expected to open soon.

Also next to Subway a newly opened clothing store just had its grand opening July 1.
(Photos by Pamela Holloway)