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Valley faculty completes  team building exercise

Valley faculty completes team building exercise


The staff at Valley High School participated in a week-long team building exercise.
The faculty at Valley High School recently participated in a unique week-long team building exercise that included mystery missions with hidden clues, riddles, trivia, jokes, and various competitions. Simply referred to as “The Contest,” participants were required to strategize, communicate, and come together as a team to solve the mystery and win a secret grand prize.

“I received an email one day from a company called Smart Team Building, offering a complimentary introduction to their products and services on a no-cost, trial basis,” said VHS Principal Sherry Ashe. “I was immediately intrigued by their concept, and since we could give it a try free of charge, I thought, ‘why not?’.”
“I had been looking for something to help us establish a better team environment and create renewed pride in our school”, Ashe continued. “This seemed like a good way to start.”

Smart Team Building is an online service based in Matthews, NC, that provides creative, entertaining and effective activities under challenging scenarios for schools and businesses nationwide. They are designed to intertwine with normal daily routines without disrupting established schedules and curriculums.

“Prior to our participation, I set up nine teams that would engage in our competition. Smart Team Building then assigned each team with the name of a country. The team that accumulated the most points at the conclusion of the exercise would receive a secret prize,” said Ashe.

“The Contest” at Valley High School was formally announced on March 6 when posters began to appear all over the campus making reference to a “secret prize.” No other details were given, leaving teachers and students to wonder with anticipation what may be coming next.

The following morning an email was sent to each team stating that someone in the school was leading a double life, and instructions were given for solving the mystery.