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Valley Haven Hike/Bike/Run raises $126K


The 41ST Annual Hike/Bike/Run on Saturday, May 6th once again showed how the people of this area get behind this very popular fundraising event. The weather was beautiful and the runners, riders, and walkers had a great time, thanks to the work of the many Hike/Bike/Run volunteers.
If you missed one of the events, you can still turn in your Hike/Bike/Run pledge sheets at Valley Haven this week.

Hundreds of people showed their support for Valley Haven School through Hike/Bike/Run again this year. The events have already exceeded over $126,000.00. This is the 29th year that the total has gone over $100,000.00. All funds go to Valley Haven to support our area program for children and adults with special needs.

For more information about Hike/Bike/Run or Valley Haven, please call Valley Haven at 334-756-2868.
Hike/Bike/Run day actually concludes several weeks of special events including: The Auction, The Change Jars in the schools and businesses, Trike–a-thons, The WCJM Call-In Show, The Peach Walk, LaFayette Day, the Motorcycle Ride, Casual Days at area businesses, Fairfax Jr. Variety Club Walk, Bowling Tournament and Bingo and A Walk by the People Served at Valley Haven. Hundreds of people participated in these special events. Hike/Bike/Run is truly an event for the whole family and the entire surrounding area.

“Our area citizens have done it again. Hike/Bike/Run truly reflects the character of our community and its level of caring—local people helping local people,” said Don Cleveland, Chairman of Hike/Bike/Run.

“Much of the success of the event can be attributed to the overwhelming support of the local media and their all-out drives for Valley Haven School. The publicity provided by The LaFayette Sun, The Valley Times News, WCJM and WELR stations really generate enthusiasm and support. Everyone in the area was aware of this event and of the tremendous need,” stated Cleveland. “We also need to give special thanks to the Valley and LaFayette Police Departments, and the Chambers County Sheriff’s Departments for their many hours devoted to assuring the safety of the participants.”

Over 1,000 people participated in the many different Hike/Bike/Run events to this point.

Volunteers will send out statements for the pledges in the next week. If you receive a statement that is in error or that is already paid, please call Valley Haven at 756-2868 or 756-7801 so they can correct the records.