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Valley pedestrian struck by car, dies


A 46-year-old pedes-
trian was killed after
being struck by a vehicle
on Thursday morning
along the Fairfax Bypass
in the city of Valley. The
accident remains under
investigation by police,
but no charges have been
filed against the driver in
the accident.
Valley Police indicate
they were dispatched to
an accident along the
Fairfax Bypass near the
Chattahoochee Humane
Society at 6:30 a.m. on
Thursday morning. Police
received a call indicat-
ing that there had been
an accident involving a
pedestrian and a vehicle at
the location.
As officers arrived on
scene they discovered a
46-year-old male had been
struck by a vehicle at the
scene. Police indicate the
individual was deceased
upon their arrival. The
victim was identified as
46-year-old Mike Kimsey
McDonald of Valley.
The driver of the ve-
hicle that struck McDon

ald told police that they
were traveling south along
the roadway at 55 mph.
While traveling they no-
ticed McDonald who was
walking on the side of the
road, but stepped out in
front of their vehicle as if
he was about to cross the
roadway. The driver told
police that they attempted
to swerve to avoid strik

ing McDonald, but were
A witness who was
traveling behind the driver
gave officers a similar
account of the incident
that took place. That wit

ness told police that they
witnessed McDonald step
out in front of the oncom-
ing vehicle and the driver
attempt to avoid hitting
The body of McDonald
was transported to the
medical examiners office.
The investigation is still
ongoing and no charges
have been filed against the
driver who struck Mc