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Valley teen dies in crash


By Alton Mitchell

A fiery crash early Sunday Morning in Valley left a Chambers County teenager dead even despite efforts by local police to rescue the teen following the accident.

According to a press release from the Valley, Alabama Police Department Blayke Thomas Henderson, 17, of Valley was pronounced dead at the scene of an accident near the intersection of 64th Boulevard and Boulevard in the city of Valley.

Valley Police report they responded to an accident at the intersection on Sunday morning around 5:00am. When officers arrived they discovered a 1995 GMC 1500 4×4 that had crashed into a nearby building and was on fire.

Valley police officer used portable fire extinguishers to try to extinguish the blaze, but were unsuccessful in their efforts. Firefighters soon arrived from the East Alabama Fire Department and put out the fire. After the fire was extinguished the body of Henderson was pulled from the vehicle. He was the driver and the only vehicle involved in the crash. Chambers County Coroner Jeff Jones pronounced Henderson dead at the scene.

Valley Police report that Henderson was traveling south on 64th Boulevard. Police are unsure why, but believe Henderson’s vehicle crossed through the north bound lanes at the intersection of Boulevard and left the roadway striking the building and resulting in the truck erupting into flames.

Valley Police and the Chambers County Coroner’s Office are still investigating the accident. A Facebook profile belonging to the victim shows he attended Valley High School.