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Valley teen still missing


Valley police and
a worried Chambers
County family have been
searching for more than a
month now for a missing
16-year-old Valley teen.
The family of Darren
Earles is desperate for
information regarding the
missing boy who was last
seen leaving Valley High
School on October 25th,
2018. Valley Police say
the teen may be a runaway
and as of the week after
Thanksgiving, they have
no new information to
share with the public re-
garding the missing teen.
Case Warriors for the
Missing picked up Dar-
ren’s story and shared his
picture and information on
their social media page.
The volunteer group advo-
cates for the missing and
their families.
Darren’s family has
posted several times on
social media urging Dar-
ren to contact anyone to
let them know if he is
okay. Police are asking
anyone with information
to give them a call at 334-