Vote No


Dear Editor:
I will make one final appeal to you to vote no on Amendment One on
March 3rd. The bill putting this on the ballot was pushed through by our
governor and leadership in the legislature. This amendment has been
given legs not by the Democrats in Montgomery but by the Republicans.
For this I am deeply embarrassed and ashamed. The party I have worked
hard to build up my entire life has disappointed me. To be fair, the state
Republican Executive Committee, which speaks for the state party, voted
Overwhelmingly in opposition to Amendment One at its August meeting.
It has been pushed forward by special interest groups and elected officials
at the state level. In my opinion, it should have never been placed on your

The classical definition of socialism involves people surrendering their
rights to a central authority so it can make decisions for them. It grows the
government and diminishes the people. With Amendment One we have a
“here let me take care of you” because you cannot take care of yourselves
moment. Obviously, our citizens have failed to elect a School Board that
meets the specifications of some officials in Montgomery. To move control
over our public schools to the governor’s office is a massive shift in power.

When you read the opening sentence of Amendment One as it appears
on the ballot, you might think this involves a name change from “State
Board of Education to the Alabama Commission on Elementary and Secondary Education” Keep reading, and be very careful. A yes vote means
you are willing to give up any direct voice the people of Alabama can
exercise over the education of our children. A yes vote will mean that our
state will have placed in our state constitution a requirement that we
submit to national standards and will no longer be free to develop our own.

A yes vote means we will have an appointed commission to oversee our
state’s education system that is based on quotas, external influences, and
which does not actually reflect the population of the state. A yes vote
means you think Montgomery has the answers and you are willing to
surrender your influence and walk away from your responsibilities as a

As a final reminder, keep in mind that government officials answer
to those who put them in office. It does not matter whether the official is
appointed or elected. If you wish to retain your influence, make sure you
retain your vote. I respectfully ask that you reject Amendment One. It is
the only state-wide amendment on your primary ballot. In my opinion, it
should have never been placed there. Please speak to others and vote no.

Bob Fincher