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W.F. Burns honored by Commission


Coaches and staff from W.F. Burns Middle School Meet Chambers County
Commissioners on Monday.
Photo by Alton Mitchell
By Alton Mitchell

The Chambers County Commission took time out of its normal weekly meeting to recognize all forty-five members of the W.F. Burns Middle School 8th grade football team. The team successfully finished their season as Chattahoochee Valley Football champions.

Commissioner Debbie Wood who serves District 6 of Chambers County read the proclamation to a packed room during the commission meeting.

Commissioner Woods put a unique twist on the ceremony as she asked players to assist her during the reading of the proclamation.

Woods would read the proclamation, but would look at the football team as she looked at the players the entire room would yell out “Go Rams”.

Upon completion of reading the proclamation each of the 45 members was presented with a gift bag from the commission members including a copy of the proclamation. Members of the coaching staff and a group of cheerleaders were also presented with gift bags by commission members.

Commission Chairman Charlie Williams expressed his deep appreciation and respect for members of the team as well as his anticipation of things to come. The team which went undefeated this year in their 8th grade year and
last year in their 7th grade year will begin transitioning to Valley High School next year. Commissioner Williams told players he expects big things from the team as they move into high school and to bring another championship to Chambers County.

“We couldn’t ask for a better group of kids, they are very disciplined and will go far,” explained Dr. Bell principal of W.F. Burns Middle School.

Commission members told members of the team they plan on seeing them in the room again for a similar presentation when they make it to high school and
win a championship. Head Coach Jason Phillips told commissioners he has no
doubts that these boys will go far and will be back soon.