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Walking trails, campsites have improved at Chambers county lake


It has been a little more
than 14-months since
Mike and Ted Craig made
the move from North Ala-
bama to Chambers County
to assume management
of Chambers County
Public Lake. During the
14-months the two broth-
ers have taken great steps
to grow the lake, and its
amenities. However, the
duo has no plans of easing
their foot off the gas in the
future as they are think-
ing ahead of what more
the lake can offer local
residents and visitors to
the area.
Chambers County Lake
serves as a gem to the
Chambers County com-
munity. The property that
makes up the lake is made
up of more than 400 acres,
183 of which are covered
by water making Cham-
bers County Lake the
second largest public lake
in the state of Alabama.
Despite falling in second
in size the lake ranks first
in the state in cleanliness
for public lakes.
On Monday evening,
Ted Craig attended the
Chambers County Com-
mission meeting to update
local commissioners on
the lake and its future
plans. Craig first gave
some of the highlights of
the recent improvements
at the lake. Some of the
improvements outlined by
Craig included the recent
re-opening of walking
trails at the lake. Craig
also noted the growth of
campsites offered at the
lake from 7 to 16.
A growing presence on
social media was also not-
ed in the accomplishments
mentioned by Craig.
Chambers County Lake
now has more than 3600
Facebook followers. These
followers are among the
first to know about new
additions to the lake much
like the pontoon boats
that are now available at
the lake. They are also
updated on the recent fish

ing tournaments which are
held at the lake.
Craig spoke of the
recent accomplishments
of winners in two fishing
tournaments at Cham-
bers County Lake. The
most recent winners were
Herman Williams who
won the biggest fish in
April which weighed in
at 7 pounds, 12 ounces.
The most weight of fish
went to Cordero Houston
who caught 61 pounds, 2
ounces and also the most
fish with 45 caught for the
April tournament.
Craig was also look-
ing to the future of the
lake. One of the most
anticipated events at the
lake comes on June 23rd
when a children’s catfish
rodeo will be held. Craig
also points out that he has
gand more updated picnic
tables to the area as well
as BBQ grills. Craig notes
that while at one point
the lake had nearly 20
concrete picnic tables it is
down to only five now and
there are no BBQ grills at
the lake.
In addition, Craig also
looks at improving recre-
ation and marketing at the
lake with additions such
as playground equipment,
and new signage. While
Craig notes that he has no
plans of leaving anytime
soon he and his brother
have a goal of leaving the
lake better than they found