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Walls Come to Life at Five Points


The interior walls at Five Points School are beginning to feature amazing works of art, courtesy of private school students from Georgia. Sophomores, juniors and seniors at Trinity Christian School in Sharpsburg started the project on January 6 as part of their annual “Go Week” activities.

“Each year, our senior art students leave the school campus and travel to other locations where they share their talents in communities like Five Points, much as Christ shared himself with others during his earthly journey,” said Trinity art teacher Amy Simonton. “A large part of our teaching philosophy focuses on community service.”

“The idea for our project at Five Points began with our former Special Education teacher, Caitlyn Powell, who is Mrs. Simonton’s daughter,” said Five Points School Principal Andrew Leak. “We decided on the type of themes we wanted to create, and they took it from there.”

On the middle school side there is a Harry Potter theme emerging, while murals on the elementary side feature a Dr. Seuss literary theme and popular PBS characters.

“We tried to choose subject matters that students could easily identify with, and I’ve been very pleased with the results,” said Leak. “Our kids have really enjoyed seeing some of their favorite literary works come to life before their very eyes.”

To date, Trinity Christian School has conducted “Go Week” service projects in seven states. They raise their own money to cover all expenses, including travel, lodging, and art supplies.

“Our students get more from these activities than they put into them,” said parent chaperone and teacher Erica Hachworth. “They have been truly blessed during our visit to Five Points, and we look forward to coming back.”

Trinity plans to return next year and continue the mural project that will eventually encompass the school’s complete interior. Meanwhile, discussions are underway for a possible weekend art activity for Five Points students near the end of the current school year.

The murals as they currently exist will be the focal point of next week’s Open House at Five Points School, hosted by the Chambers County School District. Pre-registration is required for the public event, scheduled for Tuesday, January 14, beginning at 9 a.m. CST.

Shown in the above photo is Trinity Christian School senior art student Maggie Hellgeth as she works on the Harry Potter themed mural at Five Points School.