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Wastewater plant faces $20k fine


The LaFayette wastewa-
ter plant is facing a possible
fine of more than $20,000
from the Alabama Depart

ment of Environmental
Management. The potential
fine has city officials scram

bling to find a solution
to the violations quickly
before ADEM makes a final
ruling in the coming days
on how much to fine the
According to informa

tion disclosed at the Mon

day evening city council
meeting ADEM has notified
the city of 30 violations at
the wastewater plant. Some
of those violations are long
standing problems dating
back to the time when the
previous Superintendent
was in charge.
Council members did not
go in depth about the 30 vi

olations but noted one of the
violations involved a copper
issue. Wastewater Super

intendent Ann Gleaton ad

vised council members that
the problem is one they are
trying to trace and believe
the source may be related to
a local industrial plant in the
city of LaFayette but is still
doing additional testing to
confirm that.
In August, ADEM hit
the city of LaFayette with
a proposed consent order
related to the violation. In

formation disclosed during
the meeting shows that pro

posed consent carries a pres

ent fine of $20,975 with it.
However, ADEM is giving
the city a limited amount of
time to correct the viola

tions. ADEM has announced
they will recognize anything
that is correctable before
submitting a final fine, if
any at all.
Councilwoman Tammie
B. Williams was not very
happy with the delayed
notification to some council
members about the potential
fine. “We are a transparent
city, we owe it to our con

stituents to let them know
what is going on,” said
Superintendent Gleaton
also noted that the plant is
presently facing an employ

ee shortage after recently
losing three employees,
they are operating with only two employees including
Gleaton and both working
several hours of overtime
There have been no fines
yet filed against LaFayette.
ADEM is giving the city
two weeks to send updated
information down on cor

rections being made and
hopefully get the fine down
against the wastewater
Mayor Barry Moody
is working closely with
the wastewater plant and
ADEM officials to get the
plant back in compliance.
The mayor promised he
would give an update on
where the city stands at the
next city council meeting in
two weeks