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Water improvements on the way for LaFayette


City of LaFayette
Manager Louis Davidson
stated “Monday night the
city Council passed a resolution
to move forward
with phase 2 for water line
repair and accepted a bid
from a contractor to do the
The City of LaFayette
received a Community
Development Block Grant
earlier this year, which is
intended to help improve
water issues in low-income
“The work should begin
on 2nd Ave in September
assuming we don’t run
into any road blocks,” said
Davidson. The project
consists of approximately
6,300 linear feet of 8”
and 6” water main lines
with 54 service connections,
6 fire hydrants, road
patching, and other work
necessary to complete the
Phase one was complete

pleted in 2014-2015 and
replaced water lines on 1st
Street and some connecting
Davidson stated “We
are trying to maximize tax
dollars by utilizing grant
money to replace the pipe
in eligible communities so
we can focus city funds in
other areas.”
Other unrelated city
water work going on
simultaneously with this
project is maintenance on
the four water tanks in
town that supply water to
the residents of the city.
While three of the towers
passed current OSHA
codes one tower fell short
and had to have additional
maintenance done to be in
OSHA compliance. This
resulted in draining of the
tank and putting it out of
service for several weeks.
Many residents may
have seen additional water
leak repairs and road
repair being performed
over the last few weeks.
According to Richard

Chapman, City of LaFayette
Manager this work on the
water tanks has put an
extra strain on the system,
but the maintenance to
them was absolutely
necessary. According to
Chapman one of the tanks
had to be sandblasted
on the inside and then
sprayed with a linear. The
tank should be up and running
in two weeks