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Westside license approved


By Alton Mitchell

A recommendation from LaFayette’s police chief may have sealed the final decision of city council members in deciding to give a popular LaFayette business a license which will allow the business to sell beer, wine, and tobacco products.

Lieutenant George Rampey appeared before LaFayette’s city council on Monday night to address the council with the recommendation of Chief Benjamin Hill to issue a license to sell beer, wine, and tobacco products.
Lt. Rampey read from a prepared document that outlined efforts taken by Chief Hill in reaching a recommendation for the license. One of the first things that was stated that residents in the area feel they have been inconvenienced by having to travel into town to obtain these type of products.
In addition the Chief’s document outlined that the business has been in compliance with state and local laws. The document also stated that there were no recent problems with customers at the business. Based on the information gathered Chief Hill gave the recommendation that the business be granted the license.

Westside Grocery was sold to a new owner last year. Questions initially arose about the business license, but those were quickly resolved. Before passing a decision on granting the license LaFayette council members requested the status of Westside Grocery’s business license. The license was stated to be in good standing. Council members took a roll call vote and unanimously approved issuing Westside Grocery the license.