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What makes Chambers unique?


By Alton Mitchell

There is a lot happening in Chambers County and while the County shows signs of progression and moving forward there is a lot of history in the community as well. The cyber news agency AL.com recently took a look at all of the 67 counties that make up Alabama and noted what iconic symbol is each county known for. What makes Chambers County special is a lot closer than you may think.

Chambers County is a unique place. Made up of 34,123 residents who cover 603 square miles that make up a variety of landscapes across the County. There is so much space and so many people to make up Chambers County what is the iconic symbol that Chambers County is known for.

The statue of Joe Louis that is located in
Chambers County.

Some would think it would be something such as the historic mills that caused Chambers County to develop. Others would argue it is the Chattahoochee River whose mighty force gave way to a source of power needed to power the historic textile industry. Maybe it could be the waters that form some of the most beautiful lakes in the state such as Lake Harding or West Point Lake.

According to AL.com it is none of those items that make Chambers County known around Alabama, but rather something with closer ties to LaFayette. In fact, the iconic symbol of LaFayette is now etched in a statue outside of the Chambers County Courthouse with the statue of Joe Louis. The iconic boxing legend who was born near LaFayette before becoming a world-famous boxer is what Chambers County is most known for. Even in the article published on AL.com it shows a photo of the statue of Louis outside of the courthouse.

While many know there are many more great things that make up Chambers County AL.com went with one of Chambers County most well-known citizens, but how did some other Counties across the state come out in the article? South Alabama had some of the most unique things they were known for. Coffee County which includes the city of Enterprise was known for its boll weevil monument. Slightly north of Coffee County, Bullock County which includes the city of Union Springs was known for a statue also, but it was a statue of the famous Bird-Dog.

Covington County in south Alabama near the Florida line is known for its Rattlesnake Rodeo. While Henry County north of Dothan is known for Jimmy Rane, more famously known as Yella Fella from Great Southern Wood. Locally Lee County is well-known due to Auburn University, while Randolph County is known for Ella Smiths Dolls.

Despite if you feel Joe Louis is what makes Chambers County stand out or not he is remains one of the most known citizens ever of Chambers County, but other area’s of Alabama have unique things that make them special as well.