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What’s happening in Cusseta


By Susan Eason

Hello Cusseta friends. It seems like it has been forever since I have heard from you. I don’t get down that way a lot. It’s not that I don’t think about you, it’s just I don’t want to push you too much about getting news.

One lady got a tad upset with me about the news, when I was just making conversation, but, I don’t want that! I want to use your stuff, but, only if it is your choice.

Since I missed hearing from most of you during the recent Christmas holidays, I certainly hope your holidays were great. We had a good season, even though we didn’t see everyone we wanted to see. I hope Santa was good to you and yours, especially if you have little people in your family.

If you made New Years resolutions, I hope they are still in place! Usually they run and hide after the first 30 days of the New Year. Or at least mine do! So if yours are still going good, I say I am proud of you for hanging in there!

I did however get this birthday this week that took place Sunday afternoon at the home of Marie Sims in the Cusseta community. It was a surprise 70th birthday party given to her by her family and it seems like everybody had a real good time. A delicious catfish supper with all the trimmings all the way down to homemade ice cream and caramel cake was enjoyed by those attending. I would say that the little kids enjoyed playing with their Nerf guns inside the house, but if it be telling a tacky because the adults played with them too! Until they got run out of the house! It seems everybody was having a good time. Attending the event were Donna Bell, Marie and Chris Simms, Hannah and Nick Sam’s, Maddie and Braysen Sims, Tristan Anderson Dena Anderson, Lanier Gleaton, Bailey Long, Claudia Gleaton, BillieAnn Baker, Susan and Willard Eason, Tony and Yvonne Eason, Beverly Eason, Christopher Sims, Matthew Sims, Peggy Hamby, Nicole Gleaton, Austin, and Kenna Reynolds. Marie was rather surprised by her party and just really was very appreciative to everybody that took the time to come and eat lunch with them.

Okay, as a correspondent and a reader of this LaFayette Sun, I thank you for supporting me in times past and ask you to consider doing it again in 2017. We always had a good time and I promise to not put anything in the column without your consent. A few years back one lady’s husband didn’t want her to even TALK to me for fear everything we talked about would be reported in the paper! Absolutely NOT true! Nothing but what is authorized to go in goes in! I promise. So give me a call, at 706.773.6550 shoot me a text to the same number or shoot me private messenger message, or an email to strictlynewsw@charter.net. A private message on Facebook is certainly an option too! I really would be proud to have your stuff here again this year! I look forward to hearing from YOU!

Have a great week.