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When football isn’t just about football


Sometimes in life you’re
given the opportunity to do
something kind for someone
This act of kindness
doesn’t benefit you at all but
at the same time it leaves
you with a feeling of pride.
Last Friday night head
coach, Jason Allen, and his
Chambers Academy Rebel
football team had this sort of
The Rebels were playing
in Selma, Alabama, against
Meadowview Christian
Academy. There were 45
seconds left in the game
and the Rebels were ahead
46-0. It was the sort of game
where every player had been
afforded the opportunity to
play. Meadowview, in a re-
building phase, had just re-
cently began playing 11 man
football again. The Trojans
were in possession of the
ball and Coach Allen called
his starting defense back
onto the field. In a move that
left spectators dumbfounded
as to what was happening;
the ball was handed off to
Meadowview’s #32. The
young man ran the ball to
the end of the field for a
touchdown as players from
both teams ran along-side
him. When he completed
his run, fans, players and
cheerleaders from both
teams congratulated him. As
we all huddled together in
the middle of the field after
the game we learned from
Meadowview head coach,
Bob Taylor, that #32’s
name is Rin Hagood. Rin,
a freshman on the Mead-
owview team loves football!
Unfortunately, Rin struggles
with Autism and as much
as he loves football he’s not
able to play in the capacity
he would like. For Rin to
be given the opportunity to
score a touchdown was a
dream come true for him; a
once in a lifetime moment.
For the Chambers Academy
Rebels….well, it was one of
those times when football
wasn’t just about football.
Everyone in attendance was
affected by what they had
witnessed. This simple act
of kindness was so easily
given and the reward so
great for everyone involved.
For Rin Hagood, his parents,
Joe and Carrie, and his two
sisters (triplets) Carolyn and
Anne Catherine, a memory
was made that will never be
forgotten. All it took was a
couple of coaches and two
football teams willing to put
aside competition to be on
the same side for the benefit
of a special young man.
In a world where many
people are not kind and tend
to think only of themselves
it’s truly refreshing to see
coaches such as Jason Allen
and Bob Taylor who share
the word of God with their
players; teaching them
through example that doing
the right thing has its own
reward. Through God’s
word they are guiding and
assisting in the development
of our boys into compas-
sionate, respectful, kind
hearted and God fearing
men. In Mark chapter 12,
verse 31 God tells us to
“love your neighbor as
yourself” In that moment
on Friday night the people
from Chambers Academy
and Meadowview Christian
through Rin Hagood became
more than just neighbors;
we became family.