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When Will Incompetence End? Mike’s Musing

I usually save my
political rants for U.S.
senators and congressmen,
but today I would like to
focus on another group of
elected officials that are
sometimes as incompetent
as those at the federal
level- I am referring to
state governors.
My good friend and
former college roommate
passed this information
along to me. For years
he has encouraged me to
write about the evils of
authority and government,
thus this one is for you,
In Michigan, the gover-
nor, Rick Snyder is one of
the highest paid governors
in the nation, pulling
down $159,300. That far
exceeds his counterpart in
Maine, who only makes
$70,000 a year; but falls
short of what governors
in Pennsylvania and New
York are paid, $187,000
and $179,000 respectively.
Of course base salaries,
are just that, a base. Gov-
ernors have all kinds of
perks- usually a mansion
in which to live; some-
times a second residence
in a resort town; health
insurance, retirement, and
a dozen other financial
benefits; cars and driv
ers for those cars; and of
course access to anyone
and anything of impor-
tance in this world.
Now here comes the
rant!!!! For all the money
they are paid, for all the
benefits they receive,
what do we, who pay their
salaries and perks get
in return? If you live in
Michigan, my roommate
would say this:
You get nothing. “I
can’t believe what we are
paying this Nerd Snyder
(Gov. Rick Snyder.) He
is one of the top salaried
men in the country and
look what he has done?”
Well, he has done a few
things. For instance:
-He completely botched
the Flint Water Crisis. He
knew about the problem
long before the public did,
but failed to act. Oops
that’s doing nothing again.
Now we get to pay HIS
and other public officials’
legal bills that amount to
millions of dollars.
-He spit in the face of
80 percent of the elec-
torate who voted not to
increase taxes for road
repair. Snyder, and the
legislature, rather than
cutting expenses else-
where in the budget,
increased gas taxes, to one
of the highest levels in
the country. Now we pay
nearly $3 a gallon, while
in Alabama gasoline costs
less than $2.30 a gallon.
-He settled the Kalama-
zoo River spillage disaster
for a mere pittance with
Enbridge. Some would
say Enbridge got away
with murder, particularly
now that some are blam-
ing them for the Line 5
leakage up North, which
again, Snyder has done
little to quell an anxious
-Not that this has any-
thing to do with his public
performance, but Gateway
Computers, of which
Snyder held a position in
senior management (and
touted it endlessly during
his first election cam
paign) before becoming
governor, went bankrupt
shortly after he became
top dog of Michigan.
As my roommate
would say, “Suffice it to
say, we have a culture of
rewarding failure with
high pay.”
But isn’t that the case
with a lot of government
positions? Elected and
appointed officials across
the board are rewarded
for saying a lot, but doing
nothing about what they
say. AND when a policy
or action is actually per-
formed, and it is deemed a
failure, our bureaucrats on
a whole take no responsi-
This seems to be the
way of the world. It’s not
just Gov. Snyder in Michi-
gan. It is ingrained in our
Democracy. You can say
the same about the highest
paid governor, Cuomo of
New York, or our senators
and congressmen. To do
nothing typically avoids
controversy and gets you
re-elected. And after all
the goal of most politi-
cians is to stay in office
and enjoy the nice salary
and awesome benefits