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Williams named Rec Board prez


Danny Williams
By Alton Mitchell

Several questions have rose in recent weeks about which officials are in the head positions with LaFayette’s recreational programs. Mr. Louis Davidson, the Clerk of the city of LaFayette provided a few answers about who has been appointed to the Board of Directors for the Recreation Board in LaFayette.

According to Davidson the Recreation Board appointed a Board of Directors to oversee and run the two leagues which the city of LaFayette currently has: football and baseball. The appointees are Danny Williams who was elected as President. Under Williams is Michael Ross who was elected as Vice-President. The Board also has a Secretary who was appointed that position goes to Ruby Carr and the appointed Treasurer is Charlotte Blasingame.

Mr. Davidson also provided some insight into how the hierarchy of the organization works. The first area the Parks, Recreation and Cemetery Committee is comprised of three members. Those members are elected officials appointed by the Mayor. They report directly to the mayor and council.

Under the Parks, Recreation, and Cemetery Committee is the recreation board. The recreation board is a five member board comprised of citizens from each council district. The individuals who serve on this board are appointed by a member of the city council and they report to the Parks, Recreations, and Cemetery Committee.

A third body also exists in the organization structure of LaFayette’s recreation committee. That third area is the Board of Directors. This board oversees day to day operation of the recreation leagues. It is comprised of individuals that serve in the roles of President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. This board reports to the Recreation Board.

As the organization questions begin to wind down the next chapter in youth sports in LaFayette is nearing the deadline for its registration. LaFayette Councilman Toney Thomas has advised that the registration for youth baseball is nearing the deadline. The registration deadline for youth baseball is March 18th, 2017 at JP Powell School. The cost is $40 for registration.