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Williams still disturbed by stray dogs, solution possible


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By Alton Mitchell

LaFayette city councilwoman Tammie B. Williams has been very vocal in reference to her concerns over stray dogs roaming the streets of LaFayette. It is an issue she has brought up at past council meetings and other venues. The issue was again brought up by Williams at Monday’s council meeting, but information on a possible solution to the roaming dogs was released at the meeting as well.
Williams explained to fellow council members about a recent experience in which she had to call officers from the LaFayette Police Department in reference to a loose pitbull that had wandered into her yard. Williams has expressed concern over the safety of residents living in the district she serves with pitbulls and other breeds of dogs roaming the streets and in some instance acting in an aggressive manner.

The city of LaFayette has found itself in a unique position as the city has been without a dog catcher for the present time. The position was vacated by the previous employee and representatives from other departments have been filling the role of acting animal control officer while a replacement was being sought by the city.

On Monday night at the LaFayette City Council meeting, councilors announced that the city would be holding interviews for a code enforcement officers and animal control officer July 10th- July 15th. During the course of the interviews city officials hope to be able to fill the vacated position and hopefully get someone in place to handle stray animals on the streets of LaFayete.
In addition to the complaints by Councilwoman Williams, Councilman Michael Ellis also addressed a growing concern with dilapidated housing and property around the city of LaFayette. Ellis presented a list of several properties around LaFayette that are dilapidated. The properties listed go back to as far as 2013. According to Ellis only two of the properties on the list have had repairs done to them. Ellis wanted to advise other council members of the situation and the need for action against the property owners if they don’t fix it up or tear it down.