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YFACC hosted movie night


The YFACC kicked off their 1st free event Saturday August 5 with a pool party/Movie night.(God’s not Dead)

Young Fly Adults Chasing Christ is an nonprofit organization that founded with two young adults from Lafayette Al.

Quan Whitlow and  Zyniik Vines to encourage young people to be BOLD in spreading their Love for Christ.

 And to help young adults prioritize their relationship with Christ by helping them be  fearless and without shame when it comes to living a life that›s pleasing unto God.   

This young group has an facebook page group where they host young adults bible study through live streaming and everyday life discussions every week.

This group will be hosting different free  events through out the year.

Its just an awesome thing to see young adults in this day in time doing positive things.

The age group for their groups are day 12 to 17 and 18 to 30.